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Ana Andrade

Ana holds a Masters of Education Degree, has a Bachelor Degree in Science, and has over 17 years of teaching experience. She is from Mexico where she worked for more than 12 years as a junior high teacher. After coming to Canada in 2009, she started working with 3-5 years old children, and she fell in love with them.

Ana is qualified Child Care Supervisor, Montessori trained teacher, and is a member of the Calgary Reggio Network Association. She is primarily responsible for developing the educational program for Discovery Corner Preschool. In addition, as a native Spanish speaker, she develops the Spanish curriculum.

 Renee Cockrell and Ana Andrade are the co-founders and operators of Discovery Corner Preschool.
They are extremely committed to providing a safe and secure environment where children have the confidence to engage in activities and grow through their own learning experiences. Both teachers, are members of the Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association (SAPTA) and attend conferences and workshops on a regular basis.

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Renée Cockrell

Renée has a Diploma in Social Work, a Certificate in Early Childhood Education, and it is qualified as a Child Development Worker. Her academic background, complemented by her teaching experience contributes to the teaching quality and professionalism of the preschool.

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