Allison Palmer

                                        (Enhanced Kindergarten Program)

​                               Allison grew up in Calgary and graduated                                              from the University of Calgary with a                                                    Bachelor of Education Degree.  After                                                    graduating she began working with preschool children and decided this is what she wanted to do. She has many years of experience with both school age and preschool children and has worked as a Montessori teacher.  Allison, also holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education, is a qualified Child Care Development Supervisor and has been working at DCP for 4 years. She teaches the Enhanced Kindergarten Program.

                                      Ana Andrade

                                    (Academic Director/3 Year Old Program)


                                        Ana holds a Masters of Education Degree,                                                  has a Bachelor Degree in Science, and has                                                over 20 years of teaching experience. She                                                is from Mexico where she worked for more than 12 years as a junior high teacher. After coming to Canada in 2009, she started working with 3-5 years old children, and she fell in love with them.
Ana holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education, is a qualified Child Care Development Supervisor, Montessori trained teacher, and is a member of the Calgary Reggio Network Association. She is primarily responsible for developing the educational program for Discovery Corner Preschool. In addition, as a native Spanish speaker, she develops the Spanish curriculum.

                                  Renée Cockrell

                                 (Administrative Director/4 Year Old Program)

                                        Renée has a Diploma in Social Work, a                                                  Certificate in Early Childhood Education,                                                and is qualified as a Child Development                                               Worker. For 20 years, she worked at BMO.                                             She has two children, a boy and a girl. After she had her daughter, she decided she wanted to go back and work with children. She started working with before and aftercare, and then eventually found her way into preschool. She absolutely loves teaching this age group. Her academic background, complemented by her teaching experience contributes to the teaching quality and professionalism of the preschool.

Renee Cockrell and Ana Andrade are the co-founders and operators of Discovery Corner Preschool.
They are extremely committed to providing a safe and secure environment where children have the confidence to engage in activities and grow through their own learning experiences. Both directors and staff, are members of the Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association (SAPTA) and attend conferences and workshops on a regular basis.

                                           Eva Wilson

​                                        (Teacher Assistant)

                                  Eva came to Canada in 1997 from the Czech                                          Republic with a degree in animal agricultural                                          management, as well she holds an accounting                                        certification. She has also completed her Certificate in Early Childhood Education and for the past five years has been working with preschoolers at DCP where she found her passion. 

                                            Youngmi Hwang

                                              (Teacher Assistant)

​                                Youngmi has a diploma in Ethic Education,                                             and also, she holds a Certificate in Early                                                 Childhood Education. She has experience                                               working with children from Kindergarten up to Junior high in South Korea. She loves playing piano and singing. She has been working at DCP for 1 year and she is one of our teacher assistants. 

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                               Meagan Brackman

                                                      (3 Year Old Program)


                                      Meagan has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology                                         and a Certificate in Early Childhood Education.                                       She also has experience working with children with neurological disabilities. She loves working with children and has been working with them her entire working life. ​Meagan has been working at DCP for 3 years, and she teaches the 2.5 Years Old Program.

                                          Lisa Hamilton

                                          (Teacher Assistant)

                                       Lisa used to work at a barber shop for the                                            past 14 years and decided to change to early                                        childhood education as she has 2 boys of                                              her own 6 and 9. Her youngest was diagnosed with O.D.D (oppositional Defiant Disorder) when he was 4. After going through all his therapy sessions and multiple other sessions she found a passion inside of her to work with little kids that she never knew was there. So after 14 years of hair dressing she took a leap for change and it’s the most rewarding and loving thing she could have ever done. Lisa is a qualified Child Care Development Assistant. She has been working at Discovery for 1 year. She is one of our teacher assistants.