Child disciple policy

The overall view of discipline in our program is to establish clear, consistent and simple limits the child can follow with straight forward explanations for these limits. At no time will permit the use of physical punishment, verbal or physical degradation or emotional deprivation. We will not deny or even threaten to deny any basic necessity. We also will not permit the use of any form of physical restraint, confinement, or isolation. Any disciplinary action taken must be reasonable in the circumstances.

Accidents or illness
In case of an accident or illness the child’s parents will be contacted immediately via phone; text or e-mail. They will be informed about the current condition of their child, and if it is necessary, they will be asked to come as soon as possible to pick up their child.

Potential Health Risk

When a staff member knows or has a reason to believe that a child is exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness, our staff will call and ask the parent to arrange for immediate removal of the child from the premises.

Administration of Medication

Medications will not be administered to children unless the appropriate medication form has been completed and signed by the parent, and provided to the teacher.

Health Care
The program and the staff members will only allow for provision of health care to a child only if:  The written consent form is obtained from the child’s parents or the health care provided is in the nature of first aid.

The program ensures that no person smokes on the program premises. No staff member shall smoke at any time or place were the child care is being provided.

The program will ensure that snacks that are provided by the parents to the children are at an appropriate in accordance with the needs of each child, the snacks or meals must be healthy and nut free.

Complaint Policy
We always encourage an open door communication between parents, staff, and the directors. Our goal is to provide the best preschool experience for both children and parents, please feel free to ask us to explain or clarify any policies or procedures. Parents are also encouraged to speak, call or email to Miss Renee or Miss Ana regarding any concerns. We are open to hear and resolve any concerns you may have.

Confidentiality Policy
Discovery Corner Preschool has a written confidentiality policy that states staff must respect the confidentiality of each family, not sharing information among staff, children or other families in the center.  To provide your child with the best care possible, only vital information is shared between the directors and staff such as, any important health, safety or custody concerns.

Drop off and Pick up Policy

Please be respectful of these drop off times. Doors will be locked at 9:15 am in the morning and will be opened again at 11:30 am. In the afternoon doors will be opened again at 3:00pm. If your child is going to be late please wait until the doors are opened again. The preschool has a 5‐minute grace period for drop off/dismissal. Any parent arriving to drop off/ pick up a student before/after their drop off/pick up times will be charged an early/late pickup fee at a rate of $1.00 per minute, payable immediately upon arrival.

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   Please refer to our parent handbook for more information about our policies and procedures